Network Support


Network Support

Anytime anywhere any device support

Critical device level support for your network infrastructure - reduce downtime & improve performance.

A safe pair of hands

In the technology sector, there are few reputations more impressive than that of NEC.

NEC Network Support provides technical support for Australia’s leading corporations, government institutions and emergency service providers. Our multi-vendor support framework delivers an integrated back-up solution, ensuring consistent, high-quality services, regardless of device platforms being used.

With NEC, your business will enjoy fewer network outages, improved business continuity and happier customers. And in today’s world, that counts for plenty.

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Because your network can’t afford a down day

The moment your network goes down, your business is placed under pressure. Will it pass this most public of trials? Connection is crucial. Your data network is a lifeline, connecting customers to your business and providing your staff with uninterrupted access to vital information. And every silent minute that passes is damaging your brand perception – and maybe even your bottom line.

Don’t risk it happening to your organisation.

Anytime anywhere any device support

NEC’s Network Essentials Service provides the ultimate safeguard for your business via critical device level support for enterprise network infrastructure. As part of NEC’s Multi-vendor Technical Services portfolio, NEC Network Essentials gives your IT staff direct, 24x7 access to networking experts and online resources at NEC, helping them resolve network device issues, quickly and easily.

If your business can’t afford downtime, you cannot afford to operate without genuine back up.

NEC Network Support offers a wider range of options, tailored to suit your needs. Your network.

Single point of contact

Incident management

Contract administration

Contract consolidation

Multi-vendor support

Online resource access

Operating system upgrades

24x7 technical support

Flexible service options

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