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Managed Public Cloud

Enhance agility through a structured but flexible managed service

Enhance agility through a structured but flexible service, managed by experts

Leverage our expertise to minimise risk

Organisations of all sizes are shifting to the public Cloud with large enterprises the most aggressive. IDC expects a 5-10% p.a. swing from traditional infrastructure spend to Cloud infrastructure. By 2026, Gartner predicts public cloud spending will exceed 45% of all enterprise IT spending, up from less than 17% in 2021.

The NEC Managed Public Cloud solution allows organisations to migrate their workloads to the Public Cloud efficiently, securely and reliably. NEC helps government and enterprise organisations that have moved or are considering moving their systems (workloads) into the cloud by managing the environment using a structured but flexible service offering.

We provide day to day management of individual workloads as well as overarching common services such as DNS and load balancing. Our service can minimise risk and free up staff in your organisation to work on strategic ICT projects. We understand that new or other Cloud services may offer better value for money – our management services can include ongoing advice to recommend which services are the best current fit for your organisation’s need.

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Around the clock service

For increased peace of mind, customers can access NEC via phone, providing immediate support when required. 24x7 access is available as part of our Premium package.


by experts

No need to recruit and employ staff directly or invest in significant training. Leverage our Microsoft and Amazon certified engineers who currently manage public, private and hybrid Cloud environments.

Single point of contact

Strict SLAs that support and can be accountable for existing ICT services, Cloud services and integrations without having to speak to different teams or multiple providers.


We understand that most customers may retain some IT services on their own infrastructure in existing locations. It is crucial that these IT services and Cloud services are managed holistically.

Reduced costs

Customers are only paying for a leveraged resource rather than a full time salary. Your ICT team can focus on working with the business on strategic projects rather than day-to-day management.


Cloud neutral

NEC works with the leading vendors in the market and will provide impartial advice on your Cloud services. Our focus is on managing your Cloud services and not reselling the Cloud services subscription.


Flexible & Scalable

Our three tiers of service can be applied in a combination to your Cloud workloads to support the business services required by the customer. Only pay for what you use and easily scale to increase or decrease storage on demand.


We can review your Cloud workloads and provide information on service health that identifies better configurations that can be used for increased performance or lower cost of services.

Why NEC?

Although there are some options for management from key Cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, they do not provide a full managed service with commitments on response SLAs. Unstructured or incomplete service offerings will impact the perception of Cloud services with your employees. NEC will not only manage your Cloud services but also your on-premise infrastructure through a complete single service.

NEC is a safe pair of hands with a strong heritage of managing and deploying critical services and applications. We can manage existing infrastructure and public Cloud workloads to support customer’s journey to Cloud and hybrid environments. We believe in offering our customers the right advice and are not incentivised by Cloud providers to move workloads regardless of whether they are suitable for the Cloud or not.

Market Trends


of all enterprise IT spending will shift to the public cloud by 2026


of organisations spend at least $2.4m on public cloud services p/a


of organisations adopt cloud services to remain competitive

Source: Gartner: Press Release August 2021, Flexera: State of the Cloud Report 2021, Deloitte: The Economic Value of Cloud Services in Australia

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