A Holistic Approach to Cloud

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Cloud Migration and Contact Centre Solutions

Contact centres are increasingly central to supporting the end-to-end relationship which organisations have with their customers. This is as true for large private organisations as it is for public sector organisations, even if their respective motivations differ.

Government agencies need to think about collecting and securely managing data from customers and other agencies, to be accountable for how they spend taxpayer’s money, and ensuring the stability and availability of critical systems.

In enterprise organisations the focus is often on tools for maximising the performance of sales teams, securing sensitive customer information and raising productivity of office employees.


About NEC

NEC has delivered world-class technology solutions and services to customers across the globe, for more than a century.

For over 50 years in Australia, NEC has built a sophisticated technology and anything-as-a-service company which brings together the best technology and the best people to ensure our customers capture maximum value from their IT and networking investments. NEC connects people through reliable communication infrastructure while also helping to keep communities safe and secure with intelligent surveillance systems and the world’s leading biometrics identification technologies.