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Enhancing public safety through technology

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Enhancing public safety through technology

With threats on the rise and criminals growing more sophisticated by the day, citizens trust law enforcement agencies to stay one step ahead.

NEC has a proven track record in public safety and continually aims to bring its best-of-breed cutting-edge security technologies and total solutions to help safeguard lives and property.

With a strong global footprint, NEC can leverage across regions to keep cities safer. NEC has developed biometric technologies for more than 40 years and has deployed over 700 solutions in over 70 countries worldwide. NEC’s fingerprint and face recognition solutions are recognised in independent tests as the world’s fastest and most accurate biometric technologies for identification.

Case Studies

Northern Territory Police Force

Fighting crime and keeping communities safe

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South Australia Police Force

Enhancing public safety through mobile identity

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SA Public Transport Services Division

Improving operational efficiencies and service

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Liverpool City Council

Improving public safety and services

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“The technology is helping reduce investigation times by enabling investigators to quickly identify or rule out suspects soon after a crime has been committed.”

Peter Chandler, former Northern Territory Police Minister.


NEC Australia prides itself on building trusted partnerships with state and federal law enforcement agencies to deliver innovative, specialist technology solutions to fight crime.


NEC Australia has more than 47 years’ local experience, and the global backing of NEC Corporation. This makes it one of the most trusted names in Law Enforcement at state and federal level.


NEC Australia is committed to solutions and services to assist Law Enforcement. Our Integrated Governance Model (IGM) supports all managed services to obtain measurable outcomes provided by NEC Australia or other vendors.


With local capabilities working alongside local partners, NEC Australia can deliver cost effective and transformation solutions to Law Enforcement agencies.

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