Architecture as a Service


Architecture as a Service

Reducing enterprise complexity to maximise business value

Reducing enterprise complexity to maximise
business value

On-demand advisory to accelerate your transformation

Organisations are today faced with a large amount of technology services and tools. The overall understanding of these has never been more important, otherwise the costs associated with management will skyrocket as risk, dependencies, shadow IT and zombie applications creep into the organisation.

Enterprise Architecture (EA) was seen as a luxury only affordable by large enterprises with complex IT landscapes and had outputs difficult to comprehend for those without EA experience. For the smaller organisations it was deemed that the time taken to provide these valuable insights lost value quickly as they often became outdated as soon as they were completed.

NEC has a capability to provide Architecture as a Service (AaaS) to organisations wanting to leverage the benefits of EA insights, such as complexity reduction, but do not want to invest in a full EA function. Our on-demand AaaS also utilises our unique DTS Hub toolset to generate high-quality architecture visualisations that are easily understood by all levels of an organisation. Our approach also allows us to provide immediate value through insights and detailed mapping within the initial few weeks of commencement.

Data & Analytics

A full range of on-demand architectural services


Reduce IT complexity by capturing dispersed strategic elements to provide a baseline and graphical visualisation of the current architecture state.



As-is relationships and dependencies of people, processes & IT assets have been understood, disaster recovery planning and operational continuity become more realistic.


Understand which business capability uses which IT assets and highlight where investments are able to be better directed.


Improve IT ROI

Re-use IT assets by leveraging capabilities and processes, thus reducing costs and improving speed to market.



Understand the impacts and dependencies of introducing change.


Develop IT roadmaps to action and support the business vision and goals.


Ensure evergreen technology through lifecycle management.


Analysis on IT projects and BaU costs and how they are aligned to business strategy.

Example outputs

Dependency mapping

Gain insights into inter-operability across the enterprise

Business capability

Understand which application supports key business functions and the risks associated

Lifecycle risk management

Heat mapping to represent out of support deployments

Control weaknesses

Identify shortfalls of governance and gaps in the model to ensure complete coverage

Business and IT alignment

Ensure current investment is aligned against strategic capabilities

Data usage and dependency

Understand how data is used across the organisation

Deliverable mapping to projects

Represent how projects and deliverables are related to the overall strategy and goal

Strategic investments

Planned project investments against the overall strategic plan of each business function

Leverage our expertise

NEC is a XaaS company, which leverages our Business and Technology Advisory services to provide a business centric approach to delivering innovative, unique and successful services. We have proven capability in creating and managing disaster recovery and business continuity, as exhibited during COVID-19 pandemic where we seamlessly mobilised our BCP while continuing to support our clients with minimal disruption.

NEC has deep partnerships with global companies such Microsoft, CISCO and HP to ensure we bring the latest thinking, practices and tools to our clients during times of need. Regarded by our customers as a safe pair of hands, NEC strives to maintain high ethical standards, create products and services that provide value to our customers, and become a trusted company by all of our stakeholders.

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